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Welcome to WTF4 Brighton's Mecca for Personal Training

Hello and welcome to WFT4. My name is Iain and I excited to start writing blogs for our new

gym. I will be sharing stories about what’s been happening in the gym. I will also be sharing

knowledge about training, nutrition, meditation and other useful tips and hints to help you

build a healthier lifestyle.

First, I think, it’s good to give an overall picture of what WTF4 is about. Mitch and I are the

co-founders and directors of WFT4 personal training. The whole idea was to try and give our

members a training experience that isn’t on offer at a normal gym in a normal class. We

have both in fitness for nearly 30 years. We have tons of experience running classes and

teaching 1-2-1 sessions. We both believe that everyone should have the right to pain free

movement till your last breath. To achieve this everyone needs to move a bit, eat some

fresh nutritious food, look after your head space and sleep well.

We came up with the idea of Personal Training classes. We wanted to give our members the

same experience as a 1-2-1 session but on the same price as a class. Both myself and Mitch

sat for months planning and preparing how we would deliver this. After being open 3

months, I think we have achieved this. I have already seen every member’s body shape

change over the 3 months. We already are holding monthly check-ins for measurements,

weight and mobility assessments. We are planning on adding more to what we offer. We

will be adding weekly guided meditations, food diary and meal plans. As we grow, I want the

experience for our members to grow to with it. These classes are perfect for anyone who is

serious about their health, wanting to train properly, learn more exercises with good

technique, build gym confidence, be part of a community, expand your friend group and all

at a fraction of a 1-2-1 session.

We don’t just offer the personal training classes. If you would like or need a more bespoke

training plan. We offer 1-2-1 training and online training as well as the classes. Whatever

your training need is we have it covered.

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